Our Services

We tailor teams from our associate list of Consulting Freelancers to assist your business in;

Business Planning & Development

We assist with planning, establishing and maintaining your business from business planning, registrations, project proposals, funding applications and more.

Web & Content Development

Our list of associate web and web content developers work hand-in-hand with you to help you establish your businesses online presence, to open your venture to the world.

Events Planning & Management

We will assist with the planning and management of your corporate event from Launch events, Corporate Getaways, Year End Functions and more.


The Afroconsultancy Agency is a freelance project initiated with the sole purpose of establishing, developing, maintaining and sustaining local businesses, with the assistance of skilled professionals in the fields of sales & marketing, business development and web, content and graphic design and more.

Our Services list includes: 

Business Planning • Business Development • Branding Designs • Company Registrations • Sales and Marketing Strategies • Corporate Events • Music and Artist Events • Social Media Campaigns • Public Relations • Staffing  and more.

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Meet the people who are actively making the Afroconsultancy a reality!

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4498 Umnga Crescent, Langa 7455, WC

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